Our Promise

Lion & Cub are visual storytellers, and stories are what we as humans respond to. In order to tell your story, we need to get to know you – find out what makes you tick – and work with you to find the best angles for both you and your story. 

Rather than treating our clients as numbers, we invest time, energy and thought into every shoot, from the first call to the presentation of finished work for you to proudly display. We are a bespoke service, crafted with people in mind, so we tailor the experience to you. 

Planning Consultation

The first step is a portrait planning consultation over the phone. This is where the magic begins! It’s the perfect opportunity for you to share what inspires you, and together, we can create a mood board, talk about props, and explore potential locations in Sydney.

At Lion & Cub Portrait Experience, we prioritise including every member of your family equally. In our phone consultation, we’ll delve deeper into your vision and brainstorm ideal locations. Whether you fancy a cozy lifestyle shoot at home, a picturesque outdoor session in the Botanical Gardens a stunning beach or perhaps an unforgettable experience at our St Peters warehouse studio – we’ve got you covered. Our studio boasts two unique setups: a natural light studio for a lifestyle vibe, and a spacious warehouse hall with high ceilings promising a session you’ll enjoy absolutely enjoy with your family.

Photography Session

The day of your photography session is all about you –  Our lead photographer, Nikki McLennan, takes care of the rest, making sure you are comfortable, happy and enjoying yourself the whole way through. 


Purchasing Appointment

The Purchasing Appointment is at our studio and you come to make decisions on your photos and we create beautiful artwork for you to keep forever. Send us a picture of the wall you want to fill, and be sure to describe your furniture, upholstery, and design aesthetic.

Join us in selecting artwork that will infuse your home with soulful elegance, exuding style, love, and positive energy.